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Hi, I’m Maleah.

A follower of Jesus. Wife to one. Mother of one. Dog mom of one. Daughter, Friend, Sister, Aunt. 

An avid football fan of my alma mater, The University of Alabama, and champion of sports. A past marathoner and current triathlete. An explorer of the world and lover of travel. A student of numbers and finance. A book enthusiast and reader of all genres. An author by happenstance. 

In 2019, during my pregnancy with my son, Townes, we received some news that we would have never expected. News that rocked our world.  Our first born child would be born with an extremely serious congenital heart defect – hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

We quickly acquired a team of doctors all over the city to walk alongside us during the remainder of my pregnancy and into and after his birth.  My husband and I were given various prognosis along the way. We were constantly inundated with unknowns and uncertainties from his condition being terminal, to rounds of procedures and surgeries to even the most astounding option of being listed on the transplant list.

 Through this experience, we were showered with love and support from our community. We were directed constantly to the scriptural truths laid out in the Bible that provided us with a concrete foundation where our footing felt faulty. My husband and I decided to turn our attention to the only thing we knew is constant, our faith in Jesus Christ. 

We chose to walk in an unyielding hope of a future for our son and our family because of Christ. Through our journey a blog was created, a book morphed and Ridiculously Hopeful born. 

Our prayer is that through our community you would find love and support but mostly you would be reminded and grounded in the truth of Jesus Christ and that through him a confident expectation of good to come.


“Seeking after Jesus was vital, talking to him as my friend was necessary, and persistently knocking at his door morning, noon and night was my lifeline.”

– Excerpt from Ridiculously Hopeful

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