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Diane C.

“This beautifully written book has relevance for all no matter where you are in life or in your faith walk.  It’s a wonderful testimony to how leaning on God’s promises is the only way through life’s seasons of uncertainty. Her book is filled with the truth of scripture that you can adapt to your own story. I encourage you to buy several copies because once you’ve finished your own copy, you will want to share this gem with others!”

Michelle G.

Ridiculously Hopeful ignites the fire within to not give up! When you are up against all odds and see no way out, this book is the encouragement you will need to stand! I have read it twice, and I know I will read it again. We all need hope! I bought 10 copies, in fact, I gave one to a friend today dealing with some tough times.

Allison H.

Don’t we all need more hope?! This is a great book full of scripture and a story of God’s hand at work. Everyone needs this book…and a highlighter to point you back to good reminders when you come to your own time of needing more hope!

Jennifer M.

No one ever expects to go through difficult times or struggles and endure not knowing if your child will survive after birth. This story is an amazing journey of learning, while pregnant, your child may not survive and loving that child unconditionally and having an amazing faith and hope in our Lord. This book is an inspiration of strength and faith.

William S.

I could not put this book down. The story enveloped me and the hope of Jesus poured out in every chapter. This book will show you the miracle work that Jesus is doing in our lives every day. It will inspire and renew your faith. It will light a fire of hope in your soul and refresh you with living water. I wanted to finish it so quickly but at the same time did not want it to end. It is a beautiful mix of story and study of the word.

Casi M.

This book is beautifully written. She tells the story of their family’s journey with her son’s heart transplant when he was just a few weeks old. The whole time she points the reader to Christ and gives practical suggestions on finding hope in impossibly difficult circumstances. She reminded me of how big our God is and yet also how much He cares about the things in our life. Loved this book!

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