A New Heart

by | Mar 27, 2020

My previous post, “A New Thing”, I wrote late last night as I sat at my kitchen table with Luna at my feet.  It was an entry I needed to write and a story I needed to share, but the truth is it was not the only story from this week.

These past several years, Scott and I have picked a “word” for the year as I know many people do. Typically for our family, Scott is the one who feels strongly about a word and I agree with it. For 2019, the word we settled on was CROWN. We didn’t know why and honestly looking back on 2019, there still isn’t something that stands out to us to explain why Scott felt strongly about the word. We did start reading scripture after scripture that included the word, Crown, and we even set our minds to learning more about what it means to be a son and daughter of the true King.

When it came time this year to pick a word, Scott didn’t offer any. I finally asked him, what’s the theme word for our family, especially knowing this was going to be a big year.  He said, “I don’t have one that I feel strongly about, you?”

After a few days, I remember I came back and I said, we are supposed to choose CROWN again. Our theme word for 2020, is still CROWN – but we had no idea why.

Two days before Townes was set to make his debut on February 6th, my friend Amy, drove 2 hours to pray over us. During this prayer, she referred to Townes and the crown he would be wearing. She referenced the word ‘Crown’ so many times…she had no idea that was our chosen word for the year. When she finished, with tears in my eyes I told her that she affirmed the word we chose. CROWN!

Wednesday is the day I spoke with the woman from my previous post originally and Thursday is the day she called back, but as I look at the timeline of these other stories I want to share – Wednesday is the pivotal day, the day the Lord started re-energizing us through others, a day movement started and we didn’t know.

I received a text from our friend Summer on Wednesday morning that read “I’m praying for that heart to be healed and restored by Easter” and then a picture of Psalm 103 “He is the one who redeems our lives from the pit, and CROWNS us with steadfast love and mercy.” And Summer didn’t even know that Scott had started reading Psalm 103 over Townes every night. 

Remember my friend Amy? Here is what she texted me on Wednesday morning, “Corona means crown!! Guessing y’all already connected that but I couldn’t believe it when it clicked for me yesterday!! Did you look at the definition??? It read so powerful to me. It is like the crown around the sun especially during an eclipse. I think sometimes we need a little to be taken away or some kind of dark contrast for God’s crown to really stand out. Love the idea of staying focused on that crown. Because he is sovereign!! He is moving!! He will appear that much brighter when the eclipse is over!! Maddie picked Townes as our heart today. Praying double for y’all today!!” Now this is HOPE! 

Hope can be found even in the worst of times…a pandemic that leaves more questions than answers but for my family the Lord spoke through it.  

Also, do you remember how we picked the song “See a Victory” for him before we even knew why?! Another friend, Maggee, texted me this morning saying she woke up with that song and was singing it all morning and proclaiming it as truth over us today! And you know what….last night when I wrote that post, I had no way of knowing that this morning before I even had time to post it, I would get to share something else with you…

Today is Townes’ 50th day in the hospital and…it’s the third day from a Wednesday! The Lord started something on Wednesday, it was a movement we couldn’t “see” and now on the third day, we received the best news – Townes will receive a new heart and go back for surgery tonight! 

We will be doing a 5 minute Zoom call at 9:00 pm central as Scott and I take communion. We would love for you to join us! Download Zoom, set up an account for free and use this link and code to join in: 

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Meeting ID: 504 520 292

Standing in Psalm 91 and singing the highest of Praises – 
Scott & Maleah

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