Defining Moments

by | Mar 29, 2020

What a gift we have received this weekend – a debt we can never repay.

In life we have all had these moments where we know life just changed, most of the time in an instant.

I’ve had several defining moments in my lifetime that feel like outer body experiences when I look back on them. If feels as if I am watching myself on a movie reel and things start moving in slow motion. I think of them as ‘defining’ moments, moments where you knew that in an instant life changed.  You can relive and identify all of the feelings that are wrapped up in that moment, even if it’s not until long after the event you begin to understand what you felt. 

One of those moments for me is when the doctor came in at our 20 week appointment and told us of the road that lie ahead. In the moment, I remained calm, I didn’t cry, I asked questions, I remember that Scott got up from the chair and came to stand by me. Now looking back, I can clearly identify the emotions wrapped up in that memory – a time that felt like it was happening to someone else.

Friday when Scott facetimed me will also be a defining moment. A moment that we were waiting in expectation of but also felt like it would never come. Friday is a defining moment that we will always celebrate in exhilaration. 

Townes has had an amazing 36 hours post transplant surgery. The first 72 hours are critical in seeing how his body responds and adapts. Our nurse yesterday commented, “this has been the easiest 12 hours post transplant that I can remember.” You go Townes!

Today we have started the process of flushing out the extra fluid (a little over 2 lbs)…WOW! Totally normal post surgery – I can relate just remembering the size of my feet post C-section. The doctors just extubated him today (took out his breathing tube) and he may even get to try to feed from a bottle if he doesn’t have any hoarseness in his throat. He is starting to open his eyes more, especially at the sound of our voices. 

We are now 14 days away from Easter.  Earlier this week, we both (separately) looked at our countdown to Easter…it felt daunting, it felt depressing, it was emotional feeling as if we had to accept it wasn’t possible, that we were wrong.   It felt like we both missed the mark on this one because its was beginning to look more unlikely by the hour. Scott even said, “if we are going to be home by Easter, something has to happen soon.”

Our doctors by now know we have a countdown in our room; occasionally they ask how many days left, although I am sure they mostly think we are silly, have unrealistic expectations and maybe a few other things (feel free to insert your own adjective here). Isn’t that what Faith is though? Walking by faith not by sight – not by what we see or feel. Hebrews 11:1 “faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” 

But then Friday happened…

Friday afternoon, in speaking with Dr. Godown about the upcoming hours and the process, he told us being home by Easter was not impossible. It could happen. Of course it can – a practical reminder of Luke 1:37 “God makes the impossible possible.”

Thank you for continuing to pray and believe with us that we will be home as a family on Easter.  And that even if the world is still on a “hiatus” that can’t stop us from celebrating the impossible – that death was defeated and victory is ours because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross!

With Love & Joy –

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