Forty Days

by | Mar 3, 2020

Forty is a significant number in the Bible –  we are probably mostly familiar with the Flood where it rained for 40 days and 40 nights (Genesis 7:12) or how the Israelites wandered in the wilderness for forty years (See Numbers) before entering the Promise Land.  Jesus also fasted for forty days and forty nights (Matthew 4:2) and did you know there were 40 days between the resurrection of Christ and his ascension to Heaven (Acts 1:3)?

A few years ago, Scott and I read the book, “Circle Maker” with our community group. Together we explored the premise of the book of not being shy about praying big and bold prayers and by being audacious in these prayers you begin to believe that God is bigger than circumstance and he can do far more than we could hope or imagine. Mark Batterson illustrates this throughout the book by “Circling” these prayers.

Through the years since the finishing the study, Scott and I have often implemented what we learned. Sometimes we prayed by walking property we were praying to be sold, we have written goals down and circled them, etc. So a couple weeks ago, we decided to “Circle” a date on the calendar…a special day we were praying and asking God for, a day of celebration – yes, a day where Tucker & Luna finally get to meet their little brother, a day where we get to adjust to being a family at our home, a day where we have to figure out a new” normal” from what we have grown accustomed to these last four weeks. A day where our dreams and visions for the future start to evolve and become our new reality. We, separately, decided that the day to circle is “Easter.” 

At first, if I am honest, I didn’t want Easter. Why? It seemed so far away – at that time it was 52 days away. How could I possibly make it 52 days…52 days of staring at these walls, 52 days of doctors and nurses in and out, 52 days of not knowing what tomorrow holds?

So I shifted my perspective, that’s less than 2 months…Okay, I can do this!

Easter represents more than just forgiveness of our sins and salvation found in our Savior – it represents Redemption, Resurrection and Victory. And let’s not forget about the 3 long days between Christ’s crucification when he said “It is Finished” (John 19:30) to his glorious triumph over the grave. Can you imagine how those disciples felt during those days…the despair, the loss, the grief, the darkness, the untruths that slowly began to overtake the truths they had come to know while walking alongside Jesus?

How often do we find ourselves in a similar place?  We know these biblical truths – we serve a God that will never leave nor foresake us (Deuteronomy31:6) , that he comes to bind up the brokenhearted (Psalm 61:1), that we will soar on wings like eagles, that we can run this race and not grow weary (Isaiah 40:31), that the Lord is our stronghold and he will renew our strength (Isaiah 41:1). I could continue to list the many promises but sometimes we elevate our circumstance over our God…but the power of the third day is our reminder.  It’s Christ’s victory on the Cross that allows us to live freely, in right standing with the Lord, seated with him in heavenly places with direct connection to the Lord. 

So we are dreaming big and bolding praying to have our family home on Easter. Easter is in 40 days. We now have the countdown in our room and circled by way of a heart. Will you join us? 

Just yesterday, I was believing in miracles for my family in 40 days, and today I am believing in miracles for our City, our Community, our Church. Today my “Circle” has been expanded to include more than just my family but my Nashville Family.

Late last night a tornado swept through Nashville – we have friends that have been greatly impacted by the damage. Businesses have been destroyed. We will not be able to meet at our Church for an unknown period of time due to its impact. Pray for our city and that God would be able to do immeasurably more than we could imagine in just a 40 day period of time. Just as God created a rainbow as the sign of his everlasting covenant to Noah (Genesis 9) that our city would begin to see rainbows pop up, that his presence would be evident amidst the chaos and destruction. 

I believe in Nashville and I believe our city will experience the same magnitude of love and generosity that my family has experienced in the last 3 weeks. Nashville will rebuild, we will be stronger. 

In the meantime, while we wait we will continue to trust in the Lord. Townes is now gaining weight consistently (Praise) and his heart rate, saturation and respiratory rate remain within their goal lines. As Scott likes to say, he is an astronaut by day with his hood and an old man by night with a CPAP machine. This morning when the doctor came in to examine him he said, “Well we are one day closer.” 

Yes, we are. I love that perspective. With each day, we are one day closer!  I will continue to keep Easter circled in my prayers so whether I feel like I am still wandering in the wilderness or waiting for the Power of the third day, I will dream of us all being home, dressed in our new Easter outfits, celebrating our Savior and that its by his sacrifice we already have the victory! 

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